Wenatchee Federal Building

The Wenatchee Federal Building at 301 Yakima St., soon to be home to Wenatchee's City Hall services.

WENATCHEE — Wenatchee's City Hall services will soon shift across the street and half a block over, taking up offices in the old Wenatchee Federal Building.

The city's main administrative offices will move temporarily Nov. 26 to the third floor of the federal building at 301 Yakima St. It's the first phase of a building swap with the Social Security Administration, which occupies the old federal building's second floor.

Once the move is complete, city council meetings and administrative matters will be carried out at the federal building site while renovation make the old City Hall, at 129 S. Chelan Ave., ready for the SSA to move in, said Mayor Frank Kuntz.

"We’re going vacate the city hall, tear out all the insides, make it earthquake proof, and do all the interior remodel for the Social Security Administration," Kuntz said. The SSA will lease the building from the city for 10 years.

The city owns 70 percent of the space within the three-story federal building, which was bought at auction by LocalTel Communications for $3.94 million in 2017. The city paid $3.6 million to LocalTel for subdivided ownership of more than 46,000 square feet on the main floor, second floor and third floor.

City operations will ultimately be centered on the main floor, Kuntz said, but will remain on the upper stories while downstairs renovation goes on. That work should be completed and full occupancy achieved in 2021 or 2022, Kuntz said. 

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