pinewood terrace

Pinewood Terrace Nursing Center 

COLVILLE - A nursing home in Colville reportedly lost control of a coronavirus outbreak that began in late August resulting in 74 cases.

The Northeast Tri-County Health District reported that of the 74 cases at Pinewood Terrace Nursing Center, five residents have died over the last 30 days. Nearly half of those cases (33 people) were vaccinated. One of the five people who died were fully vaccinated, according to health officials.

The Tri-County Health District indicated that the delta variant was a factor in infecting those who had coronavirus at the facility. 

“The Delta variant is ruthless. It is affecting each individual differently, making it nearly impossible to tell who may currently be infected, who may get severely ill, who may only have mild symptoms, or who will succumb to complications due to the virus. After experiencing 35 deaths within our three counties since September 1st, we are seeing firsthand that your age, gender, health status and demographics do not shield you from the severity of this virus.”

Within the last 30 days, 39 people have died from coronavirus within the health district’s jurisdiction, which includes Stevens, Ferry, and Pend Oreille counties.