Casino Queen

(Devin Perez / iFIBER One News)

MOSES LAKE - On Saturday evening, Michael's Market & Bistro was hoppin' with tunes from Casino Queen.

Casino Queen formed in 2015 with Danny Payne on vocals and guitar, Brandon Smith on guitar, and Olga Moreno on drums. Later Jeff Ames joined on bass.

"We all had a history of a playing in bands and other musical experiences. Brandon and Danny were previous members of To The Sea, Olga and Brandon were in Radiolake, and Jeff and Brandon we’re both orchestra members of the musical Grease. We came together as Casino Queen from our joined love of indie rock like Wilco, Death Cab For Cutie, and Fruit Bats. Writing our own music and preforming live," Brandon Smith said.

The band says they have many songs in the works and will be spending the next few months recording.

"We will be gearing up for another summer show at Michaels Bistro later this summer," the band told iFIBER ONE News.

"We've been playing the music most of our lives. Brandon and Danny have been playing since middle school, Olga picked up the drums around 2002, and Jeff has an active role in the local theatre and orchestra community," Smith added.

The band performed songs My Sweet Midwest, Everyone's Together, Love is an Animal, Bird in a Cage, Nova Scotia, and Why Don't the Good Things Come and more. All but two songs the group performed are original songs.

"Casino Queen, a band from Moses Lake Washington, is made up of experienced artists who have adopted a new title. The group is composed of longtime friends, songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist, Danny Payne, guitarist and lap steel, Brandon Smith, bassist Jeff Ames, and drummer Olga Moreno. They've developed their own unique and alluring style, drawing on inspiration from notable artists such as Radiohead, Death Cab for Cutie, Tom Petty, and Wilco. Each member brings an individual talent, all of which meld and play together seamlessly. Their songs about companionship, love, loss and family fuse together genres such as: alternative, country, folk, and indie, and entice the listener with memorable bass-lines, nuanced vocals, nostalgic lyrics, and well-built choruses.

Casino Queen’s songs play like a story, rich with imagery and emotions, from the first listen they stay with you throughout the day. Song to song there’s the plucking of a guitar, a warm voice, clever lyrics, and a compelling rhythm. Their work is genuine, raw, and honest, coming from a place of truth and experience. Timeless, evocative, and memorable. Once you’ve listened to Casino Queen, you won’t be able to stop," the bio on their website states.

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