Sleep Center Family

Guertin-Walling family 

MOSES LAKE - New data regarding the City of Moses Lake’s new homeless sleep center is reportedly changing lives, according to city staff and patrons who have spent the night there.

The homeless housing park at SR 17 and Broadway in Moses Lake is owned by the city of Moses Lake and is operated by HopeSource. HopeSource is a community action agency that operates a variety of programs such as Supportive Services for Veteran Families, the Youth Homeless Demonstration Project, and provides support services to coordinate care. Several agencies are involved when it comes to caring for those who utilize the shelters, they include: Grant Integrated Services, the state Department of Social and Health Services, Compass Career Solutions, and the Housing Authority of Grant County. Also involved is the North Central Washington Recovery Coalition; it’s an organization providing support to recovering addicts by hosting Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings. The city of Moses Lake says these wrap-around services help people transition out of homeless, and transitioned they have, according to those who look after the center.

Since opening the Sleep Center on Dec. 11, 2020, the city says 70 people have received shelter, with a cumulative total of over 650 nights of shelter provided. In addition, 11 individuals who have utilized the sleep center have been transitioned out of homelessness as of Feb. 23, 2021. Also, more data shows that four guests worked through HopeSource to attain stable housing and three of them are now employed. Furthermore, the city says three patrons entered a rehabilitation program and got stable housing after completing their rehabilitation.

“The Sleep Center offers shelter and so much more to those that are experiencing hardships and homelessness,” said Taylor Burton, the City of Moses Lake’s Housing and Grants Coordinator. “The Sleep Center is a program designed to support those that want to change their lives and begin the road to ending homelessness. This program may be fledgling, but the potential to end homelessness in our community is great. With the continued support of the community and the amazing work of HopeSource, there is hope that change can be accomplished.”

Michael Guertin and his pregnant fiancé, Sara Byrd, say they found housing thanks to the services provided at the Moses Lake Sleep Center.

“We ended up homeless due to a mental breakdown, we had no where to go and we ended up at the sleep center,” Michael said. “It was a lot of good help. We used it as long as we needed to and now we are doing a lot better.” Michael and fiancé went on to tout the amenities provided at the homeless center.

The Wallings and spent four nights at the shelter; they say they found better housing in a matter of days thanks to the help coordinated by HopeSource. Their daughters were being cared for elsewhere while they stayed there; the sleeping center has a strict 'no minors' policy. 

“It’s been an uphill battle until we got into the sleep center, it’s been a god-send, that’s for sure, we couldn’t have done it without them,” they said. “We highly recommend it to anyone on the street who is struggling.”

Jerome Mead is another person who discovered the resources available to him after spending time at the shelter.

“I would still be out there in the freezing cold…I’m so grateful for them,” he said. “The homeless center has guided me the way to go to treatment and get better, happy to start a new journey, a new chapter in my life. I recommend anyone who needs it to come and get the help and support,” Mead stated.

For more about this shelter, go to the city’s Help for the Homeless webpage