west cashmere bridge project

CASHMERE - The West Cashmere Bridge project recently got a monetary boost thanks to an apple processor’s giving demeanor. Cashmere-based Crunch Pak has been a proponent of the project, pledging its financial support.

“It’s very gratifying to see this high level of community engagement and partnership from Crunch Pak,” said Chelan County Commissioner Bob Bugert. “It’s a legacy donation, as this bridge will benefit our citizens for years to come.”

The $25.5 million bridge is expected to be finished by the end of 2021. The bridge will span over the Wenatchee River and serve as a direct route between Cashmere and Highway 2. The bridge replaces a weight-restricted bridge. The new bridge will allow freight to move faster and more efficiently to markets across the country. Locally, the bridge will also remove freight traffic bound for the west end of town from Cashmere’s historic resident zone and school zones.

“As a proud business member of both Cashmere and Chelan County, we at Crunch Pak constantly strive to serve as good stewards to the community,” said Drew Dalgetty, vice president of Production and Operations at Crunch Pak. “This project will directly benefit Crunch Pak by providing an alternate route for trucks bringing materials to Crunch Pak and those transporting our products throughout the country.  More importantly, the West Cashmere Bridge will provide a much-needed artery for community services and will help facilitate business growth in Cashmere.”

Crunch Pak’s contribution also played a pivotal role in attracting millions of dollars in federal and state grants.

“When a potential grant source sees a partnership between the public and private sectors, it emphasizes we are a community that works together to bring a project to fruition,” said Eric Pierson, director/county engineer of Chelan County Public Works. “We very much appreciate the partnership that Crunch Pak has built with both us and the local community.”

“The stakeholders all coming together to make this happen was a true example of effective community teamwork and we are grateful for the opportunity to participate,” Dalgetty added. “The investment we made to support this project is a testament to our long-term commitment to this community and we look forward to the benefits the new bridge will provide to everyone.”

Currently, the county’s contractor is building the fourth and final pier that will make up the new bridge’s substructure. Work also recently began on a planned roundabout on Hay Canyon Road. Girders are expected to be set in mid-May