Photo: Pixnio

The American Communications Association (ACA) released some intriguing findings when it came to internet usage during the coronavirus pandemic. The ACA represents more than 750 small to mid-sized broadband service providers including iFIBER Communications. Earlier this week, ACA released its Broadband Dashboard which is an analysis of broadband network performance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The following are key findings from the collection/survey are:

·    Daily download usage increased on average by 27%, and upload usage increased on average by 36%

·    Peak download usage at this time increased on average by 24% and peak upload usage increased by 34%

·    Despite the surge of usage, networks were just as reliable as they were before.

·    Outages have been minimal during the pandemic

ACA officials say the continued reliability of internet service providers during the pandemic is a testament to the billions of dollars invested in local fiber and broadband networks. According to the ACA, most internet service providers like iFIBER Communications have enough bandwidth to handle a significantly more users and usage, making it a future-proof operation.