Kim Schrier 

WASHINGTON, D.C. - 400 million N95 masks will soon be made available to the American public for free by the Biden administration, but one Washington pediatrician says it’s the wrong mask for kids.

Democratic Congresswoman Kim Schrier of Washington’s 8th congressional district is urging Biden to make KN95 masks available to kids.

Schrier is a children’s physician in western Washington, her congressional district encompasses counties in western and eastern Washington, including Chelan and Kittitas counties.

Schrier wrote a letter to President Joe Biden about the need for better quality masks for kids.

In her letter, Rep. Schrier calls this a “smart investment to us return to some degree of normalcy.” But points out that N95 masks are designed for adults and high quality KN95 masks for children are expensive and difficult to find. When parents can find them, it is difficult to know whether they are buying authentic ones or counterfeits.

Rep. Schrier, continued, “My top priority is to keep children in classrooms. And to keep kids safely in school we need a layered approach that includes high quality masks when there is significant spread of disease in the community… After all, while many adults can choose to work from home and avoid exposure altogether, our children spend six or more hours every day in classrooms with dozens of others.”

Schrier believes the specialized masks for children is the key to keeping kids in the classroom.