Image from Snohomish County Prosecutor internal report, July 20 2018

An image from a Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney's Office internal report shows a June 20 gathering of deputy prosecutors in Chelan. Christopher J. Dickinson, at rear, was fired from the prosecutor's office after allegedly groping a coworker at the party, plus separate instances of misconduct. "V2" indicates an unconscious woman who was lying across Dickinson's lap when the photo was taken.

WENATCHEE — A former Snohomish County deputy prosecutor who was fired for his part in a drunken spree on Lake Chelan is now charged with fourth-degree assault for allegedly groping the breast of a coworker in a lakeside hotel room.

Chelan County prosecutors filed papers Thursday in District Court charging Christopher J. Dickinson, 55, of Arlington. The filing alleges Dickinson assaulted a female coworker with sexual motivation June 20, during a three-day training conference at Campbell's Resort by the Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys.

It's the latest fallout from the WAPA gathering, at which which Dickinson was arrested for allegedly being in control of a motor vehicle while intoxicated and another Snohomish County court officer was charged with driving a boat on the lake with a 0.26 percent blood alcohol content.

Dickinson was fired July 3 by elected Prosecutor Mark Roe, after an internal investigation into the events of the conference. That probed turned up allegations that he had approached the woman from behind during an after-hours gathering of coworkers on a hotel balcony, seized her breast and attempted to pull her onto his lap.

At the same gathering, Dickinson was photographed by coworkers with a different woman, who was intoxicated and unconscious, lying on his lap with her breasts exposed. Those photos were disclosed with the release of the Snohomish County internal report in late July.

It was the first night of the conference weekend. Hours after the alleged assault, Chelan County sheriff's deputies encountered Dickinson and a Snohomish County juvenile probation counselor, Leigh M. Kellogg, 36, of Arlington, attempting to take a boat from the Campbell's pier to travel back to Dickinson's lodgings. They allegedly found Kellogg erratically steering a motorboat about 12:45 a.m. June 21, while Dickinson paddled a kayak with his hands nearby.

After Kellogg was arrested on the drunken boating charge, deputies said they found Dickinson waiting for her outside their Chelan substation behind the wheel of a parked car with a BAC of 0.153 percent. He was booked on the control-while-intoxicated charge.

Kellogg faces trial in October, while Dickinson's vehicular charge is to be tried next month. No hearing date had been set Monday in the assault case.

The woman who alleged she was groped by Dickinson reported it to Chelan County investigators July 3, after disclosing it to her own office. The Snohomish County internal investigation was also forwarded to Chelan County detectives. A second deputy prosecutor received a written reprimand for taking photos at the party that included the unconscious woman, and showing them to others in the group. 

In the same report Dickinson was accused of an additional workplace violation on a separate date, in which he displayed a sexually explicit photo of a mutual acquaintance to another staffmember in the prosecutor's office.

Dickinson told Snohomish County investigators he was "blackout drunk" at the time of the Chelan incidents, had no recollection of the evening, and was coping with alcoholism, according to the internal report.

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