Vanguard Squadron performing at the 2021 Moses Lake Airshow 

Photo: Blake Cannell Photography 

MOSES LAKE - In the ensuing 48 hours after the tragic passing of Alex Harvill, officials with the Port of Moses Lake say the mishaps hit the performers hard, knowing that they, too, assume a certain level of risk as aerobatic entertainers.

Grant County International Airport Director Rich Mueller says the pilots and parachute team were made aware of what happened to Harvill on June 17 after his first motocross practice jump went awry during the first day of the airshow at the airfield. Harvill was set to perform a series of jumps leading up to the headlining event in which he would set a world record in jumping over 351 feet on his dirt bike.

On Tuesday, Mueller confirmed that performers came to a consensus that the show must go on, and to honor Harvill, they were going to go 'above and beyond' in their efforts to entertain.

As a spectator to the event from the ground, Mueller says the displays put on by the aviation acrobats sent a clear message that they were true to their word.

"Aerobatic performers understand risk, which is why they agreed to 'step it up' in their performances Friday and Saturday," Mueller told iFIBER ONE News. 

"The staff of the Grant County International Airport and the organizers of the Moses Lake Airshow join the entire Columbia Basin community, as well as the airshow community, in offering deepest sympathies to Alex’s family, loved ones and friends," the Moses Lake Airshow wrote on its social media page. 

Airshow Volunteers plan to take a 30-day hiatus and then start work on the 2022 Moses Lake Airshow.  Several of the 2021 performers are ready to sign on for next year’s show.