Runoff map

USGS Flood Map

LOOMIS - The United States Geological Survey recently reported that the area just east of Palmer Lake will likely experience drastic flooding this spring as the snow melts and rain falls.

The flood risk and debris flow hazard is a result of burn scarring caused by the 13,000-acre Palmer Fire in mid-August of 2020.

The predictions were made at the scale of the drainage basin, and at the scale of the individual stream segment. Debris flow and flood probability are based upon a design storm with a peak 15-minute rainfall intensity of 24 millimeters per hour. 30 homes perished in the Palmer Fire. Fires typically incinerate the vegetation needed to retain water, resulting in bare ground where water can easily pass over.

According to the map, the area prone to excessive runoff encompasses all of Palmer Mountain. Affected areas will span as far north as the base of the north face of Bullfrog Mountain, to as far south to Loomis and the base of the south face of Palmer Mountain.

The area with the highest probability of experiencing severe flooding and debris flows the south-eastern portion of Palmer Lake which sits directly below Palmer Mountain.