Photo: Devin Perez

MOSES LAKE - Graffiti artists used the Joe R. Hooper military veterans’ memorial at McCosh Park in Moses Lake as a canvas to communicate messages of disrespect and hostility towards Moses Lake’s police department this week. As also confirmed by Moses Lake Police Chief Kevin Fuhr, iFIBER ONE News contributor Devin Perez reports that the graffiti was found early Wednesday.

No arrests have been made in connection with the vandalism.

“This is a low blow,” Fuhr told iFIBER ONE News. Spray painting a bathroom is one thing, but defacing a military memorial is out of line,” Fuhr added.

Over the last several weeks, Fuhr says there have been seven different instances of tagging throughout Moses Lake. Out of the seven incidents, Fuhr says two suspects have been caught. According to Perez’s interview with Fuhr, the vandalism cases in July were on North Crestview Drive and Evelyn Drive in Moses Lake. Vandalism was also reported at a church located on Division Street in Moses Lake.

The memorial is named after Joe Ronnie Hooper. A native of Moses Lake, Hooper was an American who served in both the United States Navy and United States Army where he finished his career there as a captain. He earned the Medal of Honor while serving as an army staff sergeant on February 21, 1968 during the Vietnam War.