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Heavenly Roofing employees

Photo: Heavenly Roofing

EPHRATA - A local roofing company is in the good graces of the community as it continues to donate its time and resources to repair the roofs of homes occupied by families in need this week.

Heavenly Roofing of Ephrata has chosen two homes they feel are in dire need of a new roofs for the sake of keeping those who live within the dwellings safe and warm this winter.

Founded two years ago, Heavenly Roofing is owned by Victor and Yuritzi Chavez of Ephrata.

The two homes getting the pro-bono roof work are located on H Street in Ephrata. The goal is to have both homes re-roofed before Thanksgiving.

Heavenly Roofing will make a tradition of offering one to two charity roofing projects to those in need each year. 

Materials for the company's 2022 charity projects were donated by manufacturer GAF and distributor SRS Stoneway.