Several individuals in Grant County recently used Facebook’s Marketplace platform to re-sell the new next-generation video consoles that were released during the second week of November this year.

Xbox Series S, a $300 value, was being resold in its unopened packaging for $500. The Xbox Series X, a $500 value, was being resold for as little as $750 to $900. Sellers' accounts were based in 

The scenario is unfolding for the Playstation 5 in north central Washington. One Wenatchee seller on Facebook was reselling the PS5 for $1,000 and a seller in East Wenatchee set their purchase price for another console at $1,050.

So, are people buying them at outrageous prices? Yes. 

An article published by Forbes several days ago says scalpers and bots are reportedly buying many of the new consoles for resale in addition to overwhelming demand.

The Ephrata Walmart says the PS5 and Xbox Series X is selling out almost instantly online. In East Wenatchee, the Fred Meyer store says 80 people were waiting outside its doors before opening on Saturday in hopes of purchasing its weekend arrival of new PS5 consoles; the store says its next shipment of PS5s will be later this month and Xbox consoles won’t arrive until January.

Gamestop in Moses Lake says its first round of available consoles sold out in ten minutes and on Black Friday, its second round of game systems sold out in eight minutes.