MOSES LAKE - The Moses Lake School Board gathered for its bi-weekly meeting Thursday night.

Like any other meeting, the board approved agenda requests such as high school field trips and policy updates. The highlights of this meeting however, were the discussions about the school district finalizing a contract with the Public Schools Employees labor union and a discussion about an upcoming levy.

The PSE is a labor union of classified educational support professionals in Washington. The board has been working on a contract cleanup and pay raises with the PSE since April of 2017.

“One of the big challenges that we have and are able to advance is that our public school employees, many of those are types of positions that could also work in a private sector. So for example, our bus mechanics. We’re happy that we’re able to do some alignment with what other industries can pay their employees,” said superintendent Dr. Josh Meek.

Many of the district’s PSE members were in the audience of the meeting last night. They were finally able to reach an agreement between the union and the board and celebrated with a group photo.

There was also a discussion about a new levy being written up for the next election. Their current levy that funds from technology programs to musical instruments is due to expire soon. It was said by Dr. Josh Meek that if a levy was going to be written up for the February election, a solution should be reached by December seeing how if they attempted to pass on in August, they would not have enough time to do so.

There was also talk about how House Bill 2242, a property tax that raises money for common education, might change in light of the senate majority changing during the last general election.

In the recent general election, three other districts ran levees and none of them passed. As of right now, the board does not see putting together a levy in their best interest but they will continue to revisit the discussion.

“There’s a lot that’s happening and I think it’s a smart decision on the on the board’s behalf to take some time and do what’s right on for our students, our school district and for our community and taxpayers,” said Dr. Josh Meek.  

The next school board meeting is to be held on Thursday Nov. 30 due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

School board meetings begin at 7 p.m. and are in the transportation building on Yonezawa Ave. School board meetings are always open to the public.