reproductive rights

2018 women's rights march 

MOSES LAKE - A local group says its taking a stand against anti-abortion laws that were recently passed in Texas. Academic Women of Moses Lake is organizing the pro-choice march, which is slated for Oct. 2.

“This date is significant because the Supreme Court reconvenes on October 4th, and Americans everywhere need to stand up and defend a woman’s right to choose what happens to her own body and her Constitutional right to healthcare access,” stated march organizer, Jessica Strickland of Academic Women of Moses Lake.

According to Strickland, Academic Women of Moses Lake is a group dedicated to scholarly women and non-binary individuals living or working in Moses Lake, WA. The goal of this group is to meet monthly to discuss local and global current events; innovative discoveries; progressive academia; and women's issues to learn, grow, and enact positive and progressive social change in our community.

“I organized this march for Eastern Washington because it is essential that women do not go backwards in our fight for equality. No one can say that women are equal in America - no one is trying to legislate men’s bodies, just women’s. And that is unacceptable! I am a mother, and my pregnancy was very difficult. However, I chose to become a mother because it is what I wanted to do; regardless, pregnancy has permanently left me partially disabled. Regardless of why a woman gets pregnant, it is her right to choose whether she carries that fetus to term or not. No one, especially the government, has any right to expect a woman to go through the physical, mental, and emotional trauma of pregnancy if she chooses not to,” Strickland added.

Strickland says the showing of solidarity will be “peaceful” and will begin at noon near the city Civic Center near the library. March patrons will convene to meet at 11:30. Everyone attending is asked to wear a mask.