omak library

Omak Library

Photo credit: Omak Library

OMAK - In a press memo issued this week, NCW Libraries disclosed some concerning information about growing tensions between a sect of library patrons and staff over the refusal to wear face masks at the Omak Library.

The Omak Library says it has experienced “increasingly disrespectful treatment and mounting hostility.” Library staff say more and more visitors are refusing to comply with the library’s masking requirement, improperly wearing masks, and treating staff with disrespect when they attempt to enforce mask-wearing policies.

“Customers have cursed at staff, thrown materials, and gone as far as spitting on a staff member when asked to wear a disposable mask while in the branch,” NCW Libraries stated in a press release.

The Omak Library says if the unsavory behavior persists, the facility will close and return to curbside services only.