EPHRATA - A local teen who felt inclined to peel out several times at the city of Ephrata’s skate park was reeled in by police after leaving the scene on Monday.

During a phone conversation with iFIBER ONE News on Wednesday, Ephrata Police Captain Eric Koch says an officer on patrol just after 5 p.m. saw a vehicle spinning in the gravel parking lot of the skate park. Koch says teen left the scene when he saw the officer approach the area. The vehicle was pulled over a short distance away where the officer made contact with the mischievous driver.

Instead of charging him with malicious mischief, the officer ordered the teen to rake the parking lot under his mother’s supervision. Koch says the agreement was arranged because she agreed. The driver’s family supplied the rake.

Koch says having the offender rake the lot on his own accord saves the city time and money if it doesn’t have to bring out a city-owned grader.  

No charges were filed.