police cruiser

**iFIBER ONE News would like to clarify that no Animal Control Officer is under investigation and was not involved in the questionable euthanizing of the dog**

MOSES LAKE - A police officer with the City of Moses Lake is ‘under the microscope’ for their alleged mishandling of a case involving a dog injured in a hit-and-run on Tuesday.

At around 7:30 p.m., witnesses say a dog was injured after it was hit by a vehicle at Valley Road and Stratford Road.

Bystanders reportedly tried to care for the dog and an officer was summoned to the scene.

According to witness testimony, the officer decided to shoot the dog using their firearm instead of waiting for animal control to respond to “humanely” dispatch the canine.

The officer's actions after euthanizing the dog are under scrutiny. 

Moses Lake’s Lost and Found Pets Animal Control division says the officer, “made a bad decision and instead of disposing of the dog by policy, took the dog out to Road 7 and left it out there instead. This actions of the officer are under investigation, and our officers have picked up the dog to dispose of it properly.”