solar panels

According to iFIBER ONE News partner, News Radio 560 KPQ, several people living on Badger Mountain above East Wenatchee are reportedly rallying to prevent the establishment of solar panel farms from being built in the area.

KPQ reports that three renewable energy companies are considering the installation of the farms. KPQ spoke to Lorianna Breiler who owns land on Badger Mountain; she says she’s been approached by two renewable energy businesses. Breiler and her neighbors, who have land that’s also been considered by solar-centered entrepreneurs, didn’t know that there was a potential for solar panel farms in the area.

“When they approached, we had no idea what they were looking for…but they actually want between 4,000 to 6,000 acres of agricultural land, wildlife habitat and CRP (Conservation Reserve Program),” Breiler told KPQ.

In July, Douglas County commissioners lifted their moratorium on self-sustaining energy projects and ok’d a new set of rules for renewable energy projects in July.

An online petition against the establishment of solar farms on Badger Mountain has collected 306 signatures; a Facebook page advocating against solar farms in the area is also live. 

Those against solar projects say such farms would devalue the land in the area and hurt the environment.