three rivers

BREWSTER - In a radio interview with KIRO in Seattle, Three Rivers Hospital officials told the radio station that it remains optimistic despite the losses it endured due to the state’s strict vaccinate mandate.

Three Rivers Hospital Business Development Coordinator Jennifer Best says the hospital only had to let six people go out of 129 staff members.

“They were all per diem staff who hadn’t picked up shifts at the hospital in quite some time, so we didn’t lose any full-time employees,” Best told KIRO.

Best says the nominal loss is not affecting the hospital’s capability in caring for patients. Best says Three Rivers is actually assisting other hospitals in the area by admitting their patients.

“We’re grateful that out of our 129 total employees, we had 86% vaccinated,” Best said.

However, Best told KIRO that her hospital isn’t an exception when it comes to dealing with staff shortages and burnout.

“We already have a pretty strapped staff — more work than there is people to do it — so we’re glad that we’re not going to see any kind of a great impact as far as that goes,” Best said.

Rural hospitals in eastern Washington have reportedly defied the projected loss of 2% to 5% in staff as initially predicted by the Washington State Hospital Association.