drowning lake

Boat that the drowning victims were riding in

Photo: franklin county sheriff's office

PASCO - On September 11, divers found the remains of the second boater who was initially reported missing last week. The first of the two bodies were found on Sep. 8. The younger of the two drowning victims was pulled from the lake over the weekend.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and the Franklin County Coroner say 79-year-old Fred Robillard of Grandview along with his 36-year-old neighbor/friend, Justin Hansen, took a small fishing boat out on to Chance Lake when their watercraft capsized.

Franklin County Coroner Curtis McGary says the boat the men were in was not seaworthy and took on water causing it to capsize.

McGary suspects that the fact that both men were fully clothed and that the lake contained copious amounts of milfoil (water plants), likely made swimming difficult.

The coroner concluded that both were not wearing life jackets and had died from fresh-water asphyxiation.