MOSES LAKE - The twists, turns, rolls, and dives done by the Moses Lake Airshow’s highly-skilled pilots can be experienced (on the ground) in a technologically-advanced flight simulator at the Airshow’s STEM Education Center.

On June 18 and 19, a dual M-4 Personal Motion Flight Simulator will be available to patrons wanting in on an adrenaline-pumping journey through the skies.

Each unit seats 2 riders for the true feeling of flying and movement without leaving the ground. Two simulation programs will offer live footage and three programs offering simulated atmospheres will be available. The best part for many thrill seekers is the simulators’ ability to offer a number of 360-degree maneuvers, a true-to-life aircraft experience.

The above video features the capabilities of an M-4 simulator on display elsewhere 

The following are the type of flights/adventures you can experience: 

F-16 Jet Fighter, (actual footage) - footage shot from the cockpit while chasing an unidentified plane. It takes off and lands and executes 5 roles.

P51 Mustang, (actual footage) - footage shot from the cockpit while doing maneuvers over the Mojave Desert. It takes off and lands and executes 4 roles.

Canyon Rider - This is a computer generated ride of an experimental jet flying in and out of canyons and over mountains. It is fast moving with 6 roles.

Star War - This is also computer generated ride that goes into outer space to chase and destroy aliens. It ends up like the movie “Independence Day”, where a jet fighter barrel rolls into the enemy aircraft and blows it up. 3 roles

Survivor - Another space story about people leaving our planet to relocate on another planet in our solar system, 2 roles.

The STEM area will also host kids contests with prizes. This year’s STEM area will include goodie bags (coordinated by Beth Lazlo) for kids participating at the center.

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