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ELLENSBURG - An arrest has been made in what most would consider as a ‘hate crime’ on Central Washington University’s campus this week.

On Wednesday, CWU officials say a person stole an LGTBQ pride flag from the Student Union building on campus and set it on fire, filming the ordeal on social media.

The university calls it “an appalling act of hate against the LGBTQ community.”

On Thursday, the university’s police force posted that it has arrested what it believes to be the perpetrator who committed the act. The police department says it relied on intel from the community to nab the culprit.

The university says it is “greatly disturbed” and that the act is a “violation of their (LGBTQ community) identity.”

“We will not tolerate these types of actions that reduce the identify of others, make them feel unwelcome, and decrease their sense of safety and belonging,” the university wrote.

June is recognized as ‘Pride Month’ in America.

More details about the suspect have yet to be disclosed. However, there are reports that the suspect is a freshman/sophomore student and had posted the words "good riddance" to caption their video of the burning pride flag on Snapchat. 

University officials say a new pride flag went up Thursday afternoon.