Ephrata police

Sunday – Feb. 3

11:35 am – Yakima Street – A woman wanted a man to park on the street after he entered the parking lot playing loud music.

1:35 pm – Ephrata airport – A security guard reported a man stopped at a stop sign for several minutes. The man drove up to the guard and yelled at him, saying he could not take down the driver’s information.

2:48 pm – H Street – A man told police he wanted his intoxicated son out of his home. He reportedly said he punched a person in the face over the disagreement. Eddie Rayoum, 73, Ephrata, was cited for assault in the fourth degree-domestic violence.

4:40 pm – Columbia Basin Hospital – An officer assisted a deputy with a woman hindering an investigation. The deputy arrested her.

6:23 pm – Third Avenue – A group of cars all turned on their lights and left together.

6:38 pm – Mocliff Road – An officer responded to a report of domestic violence, but it was only a verbal argument.

6:43 pm – C Street – A woman was intoxicated and slapped her daughter after being pushed and called names. The father pushed in the door and separated them. No one was arrested.

11:37 pm – Alder Street – An officer stopped a car for a defective exhaust. Jesus Rubio Montejano, 26, Ephrata, was arrested on a warrant for failure to appear for driving while his license was suspended in the third degree and theft in the third degree.