Potato chips

MOSES LAKE - The Washington State Potato Commission is giving away 10,000 bags of chips to one of the commission’s Facebook fans in honor of National Potato Chip Day on March 14.

To enter the drawing, a person must “like” the Washington State Potato Commission Facebook page and “share” the contest announcement post with their friends.

When someone does both, they will be automatically entered into a random drawing.

“Potato chips are America’s favorite snack and use only three ingredients: fresh potatoes from the earth cooked in healthy plant oils and lightly seasoned,” said Moses Lake-based WSPC Executive Director Chris Voigt. “We can’t think of a better way to help people celebrate National Potato Chip Day than to make sure they aren’t celebrating alone.”

 So what is someone supposed to do with all of those potato chips? A recent report by The Economist states that the average person has 120 friends on Facebook. So the commission will be offering ideas over the course of the next month as to what people can do with the remaining 9,880 bags of potato chips. Some of options include:

  • Donate the rest to a food bank; snacks are often the first thing people give up when times are tight.
  • Give the remaining bags to a local high school sports concession stand for resale.
  • Sell the potato chip that looks like President Nixon on eBay and retire from the proceeds.
  • Share a few cases at a veteran’s hospital.
  • Create a blog and share with everyone what you are doing with the potato chips.
  •  Eat one bag a day for 27 years .
  • Bring a smile to strangers by standing on a street corner and giving them anyone that pass-by.

 “We are encouraging everyone to get their friends to participate as well, because if they

win you win,” said Voigt.

For more information about the WSPC, Washington potatoes or other general inquiries please visit www.potatoes.com or call 509.765.8845.