jeff wilson

Republican Senator Jeff Wilson of Longview 

OLYMPIA - Republican Sen. Jeff Wilson of Longview wants legislative say-so over coronavirus-related shutdowns over 30 days. Wilson says the intent is to curb what he refers to as the governor’s overuse of extended shutdowns during a pandemic.

“If the Legislature goes home Sunday without taking action on the governor’s emergency powers, it will be regarded as the central failure of this year’s session,” Wilson said. “This was the top issue for the people when we opened our session in January. It still is. But when that final gavel falls, if we do nothing, we’ll still have one-man rule, and no opportunity for the public to have a voice.”

If the Legislature goes into special session, Wilson says the emergency-powers issue needs to be a top priority.

Adjournment is set for Sunday, though a special session remains a possibility if Democrats are unable to reach agreement on proposals for major tax increases, including a new state income tax and steep increases in gas prices.