Looking back eight years with Commissioner Randy Neatherlin—and forward at the challenges we face—it is incredibly important that we continue to benefit from his experience, commitment, and accessibility to all the residents and businesses of Mason County.

His opponent, Mr. Jackson, is missing in action and has been for years. This guy, while running for commissioner, is not even interested in the job; he got talked into it by others. He has publicly expressed regret about it since he declared. He refused to participate in a North Mason debate and declined further interviews about his understanding of the job of a county commissioner.

Right now, as a Port Commissioner, Mr. Jackson is embroiled in controversy at the Port of Allyn. After being called out on extremely unprofessional conduct against the entire board’s wishes, he now refuses to communicate with the Executive Director or his fellow board members. He refuses to return to Port meetings and has essentially obfuscated his responsibilities on the Port’s Board. Was it this lack of leadership or this type of rogue behavior that led to his departure from his prior employment at the City of Dupont Police Department? There’s quite a story there, too.

Mr. Jackson is the antithesis of what we need in our elected officials.

Claudette D. Beyer, Belfair