On Your Mind

I am a homeschooling mom living in the Moses Lake School District, and I have voted yes on the Moses Lake School District Renewal Levy, and urge others to as well. While state funding covers basic education minimally, this levy provides funding for much more, and helps fill in the gaps of many critical areas of the District’s budget.

Selfishly, I know life circumstances can change in a heartbeat and I want our school system to be as strong as possible should my kids ever need to use it. Even as homeschoolers, my own kids have benefited from the use of facilities and programs related to athletics and the arts.

Looking at the bigger picture, I know that a thriving school system is an integral part of a thriving community. There are over 8,700 students from the Moses Lake School District who will be our community’s future leaders, business owners, healthcare workers, and every other critical element in the functioning of our community, and to do that well, they need to be both well-educated and well-rounded individuals.

Athletic and arts programs not only help children to develop into wonderful members of society, they also increase business in our town by bringing in thousands of visitors every year from other communities who use our hotels, restaurants, and stores benefitting our community financially.

Covid has brought challenges to all, but the Moses Lake School District managed to put a chromebook in the hands of every student, and get those students and teachers online for classes in an incredibly short time frame. State funding pays for just 4.5 Tech Support workers, and this levy covers another 9.5. We cannot afford to ignore the critical role that technology plays in the world, and our students need to continue to have good access to this tool.

Beyond Covid, the physical health of our community’s children while they are at school is looked over by nine School Nurses, with almost eight of those covered by this levy. We cannot seriously consider having only a single school nurse available for over 8,700 students spread across 21 square miles, we must vote yes for this levy renewal.

It is estimated that one in six U.S. children has a mental health disorder like ADHD, anxiety, or depression. The State funds only one, part-time psychologist, and approximately 15 counselors, while this levy covers an additional ten counselors and nine full-time psychologists. The harsh reality is that this is still not enough staffing to address the mental health needs of the 8700+ students in the district. Thankfully, this levy helps fund School Resource Officers in case tragedy does strike the district again.

I have been paying this property tax rate for the past several years, and am happy to continue to do so with this renewal, even though I could certainly use the money for my own family. The reality is that the services it covers are priceless to our community as a whole, so please vote YES on the Moses Lake School District Renewal Levy.