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(An open letter to Senator Judy Warnick, Representative Tom Dent, and Representative Alex Ybarra.) 

As of Sunday, January 10, 2021, I have not seen any comments from you, the elected officials from the 13th Legislative District, namely Senator Warnick, Rep. Dent, and Rep. Ybarra, concerning the attempted coup at the United States Capitol. If you have commented, I hope you were clear in denouncing this traitorous attack.  

You should denounce this event in the strongest terms. There should be no carefully parsed words that could be construed to give any level of support, or rationalization to those who, for the love of Trump more than for love of the United States of America, sought to overthrow the legal election of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.  

You should come out and declare that this election was NOT stolen. Remember, your Republican U.S. Representative, Dan Newhouse, voted to certify the election. 

I hope that you as our elected officials have not been corrupted by irrational conspiracy theories or brain washing by the constant repetition of lies that were spouted by Trump with the sole purpose of retaining power. 

I hope that you, Sen Warnick, Representative Dent and Representative Ybarra, will show strength at this time when we need you to speak out against home grown terrorists. I hope that you will not use weak words like, it’s sad or unfortunate. You owe it to your constituents to not sit quietly by hoping you won’t have to take a stand that might lose you a few votes. So tell us, are you on the side of the Constitution or the side of insurrection, tyranny and mob rule? 

Additionally, please call for the resignation or impeachment of Donald J. Trump. 

Your Constituent,

Sylvia Hammond

Ephrata, WA