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Yesterday, I got a call from my job at SGL Carbon Fiber due to being terminated for not having enough FMLA to protect my job because my family and I were quarantined by the Adams County Health Department due to COVID.

When talking to the HR manager, I let her know that if they would have wanted me to come in to work and not say anything about my family being quarantined, so that way I wouldn’t lose my job. Her answer was that she would hear me out but that she didn’t want to argue with me when simply I was just stating the facts that they wanted me to pretty much come in no matter what the situation was even if my family and I were quarantined due to COVID and could possibly get someone sick at work and all while being calm and collected her only answer was that she didn’t want to argue with me.

I feel like I was wrongfully terminated and if anyone could supply me with direction on how I can go about making it right and making sure it will never happen to anyone else.

My household currently has two positive cases of COVID and hoping to try to get by with unemployment.