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Tonight, people in Moses Lake protested Governor Inslee's recent announcement that healthcare workers must receive a vaccine or face disciplinary action. 
Those who oppose this mandate believe it infringes on their right to refuse medical treatment and some are even threatening to leave the field altogether if they can't get out from under these new regulations. 
These brave COVID heroes have been on the front lines of our medical system and are risking their own lives in order to keep others safe from this deadly disease - they deserve nothing but respect. COVID is an issue that everyone has different opinions on and what's best for their own body; but at the end of day, please show compassion and respect when you interact with those who work in health care - whether it's by being respectful or respecting their own choices. Now is not the time for violence or to harass those that share a different opinion than you do. 
Some people are choosing not to get vaccinated because of their religious beliefs, health reasons, or because they feel they personally should not be forced into getting a vaccine just in order to keep their livelihood; and as a result may no longer work at hospitals or care facilities that require vaccination, such as Confluence Health, etc.
Some attendees have said they feel like their rights are being violated by being forced into getting a vaccine when they have been treating and caring for COVID patients since the beginning of the pandemic.