SHELTON - Excessive moisture in Mason County is making for some unstable earth as crews work to clear several landslides along Purdy Canyon Road just south of the Skokomish Tribal Center.

It is believed that the slides had occurred early Tuesday.

Mason County Chief Deputy Ryan Spurling says at least 10 slides have happened along a 1.5 mile stretch of road; slides are varying in size.

Spurling says there have been no reported injuries or destruction of property as a result of the slide.

Purdy Canyon Rd has been closed since Tuesday morning due to safety concerns. Spurling says the road has reopened and closed a number of times due to ongoing slides. At this point, Spurling says Purdy Canyon Rd. will remain closed for awhile due to the vastly extensive clean up that needs to be done.

Purdy Canyon Road is 5-10 miles north of Shelton and connects US 101 to SR 106.

iFIBER ONE News has reached out to Mason County Public Works to inquire about an estimated timeline for a complete cleanup.