Daybreak Podcast

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Mason County Sheriff Casey Salisbury came to iFIBER One KMAS to talk about the speaker at the latest Sheriffs Breakfast, Jeff Crocker who works with Marine Security for the FBI in Seattle. Sheriff Salisbury points out from out Oakland Bay you can get to anywhere in the world and anyone in th…

With another Forest Festival Timber Days coming up this weekend, Jeff went out and talked with folks about some of their most favorite memories.


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Mary Ricker from the City of Shelton talked with Jeff Slakey about a new revisioning project the city is starting. People are asked for 3 words or phrases that help describe Shelton.

Mason County Forest Festival Timber Days continues on this summer with great events to take part in, NEW this year is a Royalty Tea at the historic Colonial House in Shelton. Join members of the Mason County Royalty Court as they spend time with little princes and princesses while enjoying t…

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Shelton Highclimber Football Head Coach Mark Smith and Jeff Slakey talk about some of the upcoming events for the Highclimbers including a Rising Stars camp coming up, the team and senior retreats, and the Highclimber Booster Clubs Golf Tournament in August.