OLYMPIA - A report published by Washington’s Department of Health shows that the Capitol Region Educational Service District (ESD 113), which encompasses Thurston and Mason counties, has the fourth-highest coronavirus case rate per 100,000 among the nine educational service districts statewide.  

The data pulled from the state was recorded between Oct. 24 and Nov. 7. Over the course of those two weeks, the Capitol Region Educational Service District tallied 505 coronavirus cases among K-12 students. 200 cases were elementary students ages four to 10, 162 cases among high school students ages 14-19, 94 cases among middle schoolers aged 11-13, and 49 cases involving pre-school-aged kids between 0-3 years old.

The Capitol Region ESD’s case rate per 100,000 was the fourth highest in the state at 422.1 per 100,000; it was also the second highest in western Washington and was above the state’s average of 355.9 per 100,000.

The Capitol Region ESD also includes Grays Harbor, Lewis and Pacific counties.