An Emergency Logic and Accuracy test of our vote tallying system, in preparation for the November 2, 2021 General Election, will be conducted on October 15, 2021 at 2 pm in the ballot processing room located at 411 N 5th St, Shelton.

Mason County Elections added Risk Limiting Audit (RLA) equipment and process. Due to the change, we are required to conduct an Emergency Logic and Accuracy Test prior to processing ballots.   

Mason County Elections is conducting an RLA for the first time. An RLA is a post-election audit that takes a random sample of voted ballots and manually examines those ballots to ensure the outcome is correct. This is in addition to the post-election batch audit that is already required by law, that randomly selects batches of ballots and a specific race to be hand-counted to ensure the tally equipment is counting correctly.

The RLA requires us to print a sequential number on the ballots as they are scanned so that we can retrieve specific ballots selected in the random sample. There were imprinters installed after the Secretary of State conducted our official logic and accuracy test on September 28, 2021. We are required to do the test again since the equipment has been changed. Observers are welcome to watch the logic and accuracy test and a video will be posted on our website at