OLYMPIA - On Tuesday, Kaiser Permanente in Olympia confirmed that at least one of its two medical facilities in Thurston County had administered expired Moderna vaccination doses last month.

The Spokesman-Review reports that Kaiser Permanente issued expired doses to 828 patients statewide, 359 of them were in Spokane County. Staff an the Olympia-area location were unable to confirm how many had received the past-due doses. Staff did confirm that the doses in question were administered between Oct. 25 and Oct. 27, they were no more than 72 hours past due and experts say it shouldn’t make the product ineffective.

Kaiser Permanente says there are no safety concerns.

“After consultation with Kaiser Permanente clinical experts, there is no evidence that the vaccine administered is ineffective or unsafe,” according to a statement from Kaiser Permanente. “Our clinical experts do not recommend a repeat vaccine dose for patients who were administered these doses.”

Clinical staff have been reaching out to those who were given the expired medicine. Kaiser Permanente also doled out the past due vaccines in Everett and Tacoma.

The healthcare network has clinics in Lacey and Olympia.