Woman with Graves at Her Back by Aisha Harrison

Each year, the plinths at Percival Landing host a new selection of loaned sculptures by local & regional artists. A community vote is held and the sculpture that receives the most votes is purchased by the City for permanent display at another Olympia location.

The 2021 Peoples’ Prize Winner is Woman with Graves at Her Back by Aisha Harrison. Honorable mentions include Bough and Bend by Jennifer Kapnek, and Memories of a Heron by Shawn Johnson.

Voters for Woman with Graves at Her Back spoke to “being deeply moved by the piece”, and how it speaks to “thriving” and “living” in the face of “untold hardships”, and the importance of recognizing this “especially in the last year.”

Harrison notes:

Woman with Graves at Her Back represents an ancestor who survived the journey across the Atlantic. This ancestor witnessed many tragic and heroic things and survived them. Her bravery and will to live is part of why I’m here today. I want to give this ancestor a home that honors her, a place she can rest and behold the sacredness of the Pacific Northwest, where parts of my family have lived for four generations.

Visit Woman with Graves at Her Back and the other 2021 project sculptures on display on Percival Landing now until June 2022.