Mohamed Shaznee Riyal

SHELTON - Mason County Sheriff’s deputies say a man died in a parachuting accident at Sanderson Field in Shelton one week ago.

Mason County Chief Deputy Ryan Spurling says the skydiver was jumping with Shelton-based Kapowsin Air Sports. Mason County Chief Deputy Jason Dracolby informed iFIBER ONE Radio/KMAS that the individual was doing stunts with a parachute when he reportedly performed a stunt too close to the ground resulting in his body slamming into the earth with great force.

Dracolby says the impact reportedly killed the parachutist. The FAA is investigating the incident.

According to the Facebook group, 'Kapowsin Skydivers,' the man who died on April 11 is 27-year-old Mohamed Shaznee Riyal of Seattle. 

iFIBER ONE News has reached out to the FAA office in Seattle for more intel on the incident. 

A GoFundMe to help Shaznee's family in Sri Lanka has raised over $46,000.