MOSES LAKE - The Boeing 747 that was hailed as the world’s largest firefighting aircraft is officially no more after the plane was officially sold to a freight company last week.

National Freight bought the Global Supertanker aircraft to retrofit it as a cargo plane.

After serving nearly two decades as a passenger plane for Japan Airlines, the plane flew as a cargo carrier from 2009 to 2014 and was retrofitted to be a firefighting plane in 2015.

Earlier this year, the investment group that owned the plane decided to pull funding for the aircraft and sell it.

The airship was flown out of the Grant County International Airport in Moses Lake on May 28; AeroTec, a tenant at the Port of Moses Lake, was enhancing the aircraft.

The plane is now in San Antonio, Texas where it is currently being stripped of its drop system and retrofitted as a cargo plane by BT Aerospace.

The company, Global Supertanker, has terminated all but a couple of its employees as it continues to dissolve.  

Several lawmakers called on the legislature to set aside money to fund the firefighting aircraft, but those efforts were futile.