homeless camp

Deschutes Parkway homeless camp April 7, 2021


OLYMPIA - The 80-100 homeless campers displaced by the city of Olympia on Dec. 8 will have their hotel stays extended as leaders buy more time to develop a better exit strategy for them. Thurston County Commissioners unanimously voted on Jan. 11 to extend hotel stays for the homeless for up to two months, or until exit strategies can be implemented. 

“This action is made possible by some very specific sheltering and housing opportunities occurring within the Homeless Crisis Response System simultaneously,” stated Keylee Marineau, Affordable Housing and Homeless Prevention Coordinator, “coupled with extra funding offered by the Department of Commerce specifically to address the sweep of the Deschutes encampment.”

Prior to Dec. 8, owners of the property on where the encampment was located requested that the city enforce trespass laws and remove the encampment after the state’s homeless eviction moratorium expired Oct. 15.

In partnership with Olympia Mutual Aid Partners (OlyMAP) and the City of Olympia, Thurston County will support displaced campers by providing hotel stays while efforts are made to move residents into shelters and other housing programs. OlyMAP staff have

A tiered approach, OlyMAP and non-profit partners will offer such services as:

·       Coordinated Entry enrollment

·       Outreach and individualized engagement

·       Advocacy and case management

·       Placing hotel guests in shelter and housing projects as they become available