snapshot cell phone video footage of incident

SHELTON - Court documents state that a 16-year-old Shelton High School student initially faced two criminal charges after stabbing a 17-year-old boy on the Shelton High School campus in September.

The police report composed by Shelton Police states that law enforcement responded to the school on Sept. 20 at 2:36 p.m.

Upon interviewing the stabbing victim, police say they were told he was attacked for being gay. The stabbing victim says the student had been calling him “faggot” all day and the alleged stabber already been to the principal’s office earlier in the day for it.

According to public defense attorney representing the person who allegedly stabbed the student, the stabee was also allegedly harassing the alleged stabber earlier in the day.

Documents provided to iFIBER ONE News show that a Washington State Harassment, Intimidation, or Bullying Incident Form had been filed by the stabber against the stabee and multiple other students before the attack occurred. 

Police say the stabbing victim was between the 300 and 400 building on campus when his attacker called him “faggot” again. The stabbing victim responded by punching his alleged harasser and they began to fight. The student with stab wounds says he didn’t realize he had been stabbed until he walked away.

The following is the cell phone video capturing the incident: 

(This video has been muted to protect the identities of those involved and to censor explicit language. Footage was provided by Mason County Public Defense Attorney Peter Jones) 

Police say the student had been sliced on the left side of his stomach, stabbed two times on the left side of his torso, one stab wound on his back, one entry wound under his armpit on his left shoulder and a knife wound on his neck under his left ear. In total, the teen had been stabbed or slashed six times.

The student who allegedly stabbed the teen is claiming self-defense.

The alleged stabber was arrested and charged with 1st degree assault and was initially charged with a hate crime. A public defense attorney says the 'hate crime' charge was dropped during the probable cause hearing in court. 

The trial for the student who remains charged with 1st degree assault begins on Tuesday, November 22.