Actual shoe of victim

Photo: Thurston County Sheriff's Office

NISQUALLY - We now know what lead to the death of a man who was found deceased near the side of the road near Nisqually in September.

On September 24, Thurston County deputies say a severely decomposed corpse was found about 25 ft. from Reservation Road SE in the 2200 block. It was determined that the body was of a lighter-skinned male, with longer brown hair, with some facial hair. The victim was of a slender build and was believed to be as tall as 5’10". The only clothing on the deceased person’s body was boxer briefs and a pair of sneakers.

Due to the body’s state of decomposition, it took further investigation to determine the cause of death. On Oct. 6, the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office was informed that the deceased male had been stabbed several times. The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office is now investigating the case as a homicide.

The victim has still not been identified and authorities are asking the public for help in providing any information on the incident involving the stabbing victim.

Deputies believe the man’s age ranged from 20-40 years old. They believe his body was dumped in a wooded area that bordered the Nisqually Indigenous American Community. It’s believe that his body was placed there sometime between June and August 2021.

Anyone with info can email