I suspect these numbers will increase. A stupid group of millennial several blocks away are having a BBQ, fire pit and drinking. So much for social distancing and following Health Department rules...

Don't worry about dying from Corona Virus. You are more likely to get shot at while on the streets of Moses Lake. Two shooting Thursday, a flare gun, and a police dog shooting. Anyone care to update us on how the police dog is doing?

Get a haircut and get a real job... Sorry the barber shop is closed. Guess well just smoke weed instead.

Boeing, we are still cleaning up your mess from the Larson Air Force Days. Remember, TCE in the ground water, Moses Lake Wellfield Superfund Site? Fix your planes, fly them back to China with the virus. Problem solved.

The problem with teachers is the WEA (Washington Education Association) and the NEA (National Education Association).

So with 135 left, it is Quincy 35, Moses Lake 11.

Gun shops yes. Let people hunt and FISH! DMV, get it open. We need licence drivers. Worksource, get it open. Out of work people need jobs! Weed shops NO! Weed perscriptions should go to a pharmacy. Liquor stores NO! Quit drinking and get a job. Get it right or my votes will be NO!

Consider it done!

The game is not yet over plaza... Go Moses Lake High School!

Social Distancing plan is a failure. As long as essential business remain open, the disease will spread. Stupid corporate bosses that value 'dollars over death' will keep the virus alive and spreading.