Tell the students to keep in line or they might have the SOAP LAKE police K9 attacking them.

They should have called on the Soap Lake PD K9. He is getting tired of riding around in a new SUV all day. He needs to see action. After all the only action he might see is chasing down on of the SENIOR citizens.

The only reason Soap Lake needed a K9 unit was to satisfy the big ego …

They should have called the Soap Lake PD. They are itching to use there doggie op I mean K9 on real criminal and not just the senior citizens of Soap Lake.

Almost everytime immigration reform is brought up is by a racist. Who believe in white only. So sad

John Q is not one of the more competent people who response here.

The again maybe he is just a incompetent.

Come on Mr. J.Q. PUBLIC it appears that you have WAY to much time on your hands. Or you just have a sharing your opinion on everything.

Bring on more ethanol fuel.

It seem that Bert does not live in the year 2020. Mental illness is a reality in our society. Alot of our fellow citizens need help and it appear Bert is one of them.

I do not think it was the Gov. But the mayor of Seattle don't you think!!

[beam][beam] maybe the real reason is the lack of qualified police depts to do there job.

Looks like it's long overdo to evaluate police budgets overall.