My sister is a nurse at the Wenatchee clinic and they are laying people off due to the lack of pacients...hmmm weird...oh and wash your hands,wear your seat belt, dont play in the street, dont eat yellow snow, dont beat your kids...guess that's about it jenny

Let's see....5k a barrel..13 in the pic..what's that 65k..ouch....I must be looks like a long strait away...must have been a lizzard that ran out

Dont beat your kids, dont walk in the street, dont eat yellow snow, use your seat belt, dont speed, wash your hands, take your meds....

7 months 6 people died in grant co. (79 avg age)...

7 people died from influenza

10 car crash fatalities

7 cancer

14 heart disease..

Pure ignorance

It's for relief. Unlike the house goody list for projects that have nothing to do with COVID or suffering business's

I wonder if the spike in China virus cases have to do with the harvest period?

"Reccomend" or "Mandate"......

You have said that several times now and it still sounds stupid

I like the simple math they use to make things look bad...maybe they should just the past 7 months 6 people have died from covid19 in grant county (avg age 78) 10 people have died from car accidents, 8 people from influenza, 12 from cancer, 14 from heart disease....yeah covid19 i…