No more playing upstanding citizen the charade is over EXPOSED !

Typical Democrat taken care of IMMIGRANTS instead of taking care of our own AMERICANS

Wow left his child behind what REAL dad unbelievable

What a NICE guy huh ! Probably his mistress dont want WIFE to know !? Just saying

600 sick images on his computer all the while playing upstanding citizen ! Hail to that little girl that exposed this very sick man !!

Wow had a wife but was jacking to little girls hope police didn't screw this up he needs to be locked up cuz he'll never change

At his age you know he dont give a shit ! Good call judge he jonesing to get out !!

Keep him off the streets ! Its amazing how many drug addicted non working thieving vultures are in small town of moses lake !?

Racially bias ? When 5 of the inmates are white how is that bias !? LIBERALS

HOCSTETTER till your just miserably HAPPY then keep going the BOMB !!!