Democrats and Communists know this: This back and forth dialogue here is guaranteed to end up in the streets. When this happens we will MAGA !

The Gates vaccine will be mandatory for EVERYONE, sick , recovered or not.

Hong Kong IS the Canary. All this B.S. about the CCP-19 numbers being published and rammed down your conciseness is all about scaring you into submission. DO NOT COMPLY , Do not let big ( soon to be overt communist) government treat you as incapable to make decisions for you and your fami…

Sounds like we need OPEN BOARDERS, vote for BIDEN & the democratic communists. While we’re at it DEFUND the police.

Columbia Basin: Fight the communists now politically with your votes, monetarily where you shop, where they appear spewing their scripts , appose & expose them.

Fight them now or you will be doing it in the streets.

The time has come today , for action & reaction again…

“...All this for two layers of cloth ..?”

They are attempting to set up the gullible sheep for:

Forced CCP-19 vaccinations

Requirements for phones with tracing apps

Social credit scores

The Democratic communists are using the Chinese communist ‘playbook’ and …

Way to go Bert !

To many worthless SHEEP , with their 666 sheep shrouds on.

Weak effeminate frightened little sheep swallowing the liberal b.s..

Use the mask to wipe your butt.

What a crock of bull crap , fight these Leftist, when they knock on your door and put one foot inside your house.......

Don’t argue , shut them down without hesitation.

We just had a large family gathering to discuss this CCP virus situation in ML. It was unanimous that all 75 of us are moving to Coulee City.

Yup, defund police, ICE , prisons and jail.

While We’r at it , let’s make sure the 2nd amendment is removed....turn em in.

No borders and lets ban locks on doors .,,.heck let’s ban doors.

I know ! Let’s ban personal possessions, let’s

give up marriage, let’s give u…