Make loser choices, win loser prizes!

Swallow your stash and die instead of taking a drug charge?

Drugs are bad mmmmkay! Good job officers, who knows what this dude would have done while in psychosis.

Oh no! For the love of Washington please no more Governor Dueche.

Dude...You might want to try a new career, "criminal" just isn't working very well for you

Bet you wish you took that plea deal now huh buddy? Too bad. Have fun being someones girlfriend in prison.

Exactly! Couldn't have said it better.

Agreed. Hallucination from Kratom? Nah, they just been awake for a week on the meth.

Dangit! Guess we need more gun laws, they just aint working...

I agree. Coming forward and enlightening everyone on the garbage that is going on with this city took a lot of guts and courage. It's just sad this BS has been able to flourish for this long. I am a male and couldn't be more embarrassed by the actions of these "boys". Let's hope this filt…