Just wear a mask! Going to the store today at Leprechaun & several ppl not wearing a mask. I guess they are entitled & dont care if they infect others. Moses Lake has approx. 650 cases & growing & I don't want to be a statistic.

You are not immune so wear a mask! Thi…

Great comment! He doesn't want teachers to be paid their worth. I feel sorry for his kids & wonder if they were taught in public schools. For his sake, I hope not.

I'm happy about the decision. Private schools are generally church-based institutions that preach the bible. Many people are not religious and public schools provide nonreligious academics.

Private schools are primarily self-funded & tax deductible & that is unfair to take p…

Great news for Moses Lake. I hope they're going to solve the problem with this aircraft.

Union jobs are always the best for the working man and woman.

Good job, Boeing.

Thank you to all the civilians that came to the rescue of our fellow community member. We take care of our own here and thank you to ifiber that once again, is first on the scene to keep us informed. Please let us know if we can help them in areas of need.

Congrats Nelly, I'm so proud you are repping Moses Lake! Keep on, keepin' on!

Congrats Nelly, I'm so proud you are from Moses Lake! Keep on, keepin' on!

Ofcourse Manweller is defending Kavanaugh. Sexual predators beget sexual predators. Its shameful and isn't a proper message especially raising girls. I believe Dr Ford and all his victims. I also believe Manweller's victims. It's time to believe women and get sexual predators out of politics…

JillontheLake commented on Manweller vows not to serve another term

Manweller needs to step down now! Waiting until after the election is a waste of money.
Vote Sylvia Hammond! Her moral character is exemplary, she will not embarrass us and will fight hard to hold all sexual predators accountable. She's a winner and should be elected to represent us. Vo…

I thought we were building a new high school, period. Whatever this is, is not what we voted for. I don't know where our kids will go once they move up to high school. We will then need another bond, good luck with that over here! I'd vote for it but my Republican neighbors won't, I guarante…