That would be awesome if he won the governor's race.

Does this group, ISNW, fall under the category of aiding and abetting or harboring? Just wondering...

Doesn't sound unreasonable based on this article. And, here's a thought: try not to get get arrested for domestic violence in the first place.

No new fees/taxes/payments.

Here's another solution--vote Inslee and Sideshow Bob out. That'll solve the problem with wolves. Or, we could import all the wolves to Olympia!

I wish the feds wouldn't spend that money on bear restoration. Surely there's better things to spend it on, like the homeless and drug addicted people. People are more important than a bear being reintroduced that may or may not take hold in the area. Plus, I see areas get shutdown when h…

It also ranks 200 out of 245 school districts (at the bottom). What type of award is given for that accomplishment?

Can "We the People" get a refund from his failed attempt at Pres?

How about term limits? One term in office, one term in jail!

Since he can't be president, second best is okay. Look on the bright side, people. He's only able to screw up one state, not 50.

Is WDFW trying to make a buck off these fish too?